Heya everyone, this is me Anushree you can call me Aradhya too . whatever you like . so hearing the word beauty what do you remind yourself of??  a gorgeous diva with styled hair and dressed like a diva? isn’t it? so here i am your complete guide to be the girl you always wanted to!! come on we all stalk our dream girls or girls we want to look like! be ready to be one such diva 

So generally you dream girl is full of beauty and brain too. For beauty all you can see to them is their hair, make up and dress. You can see these girls are confident about themselves and wear their skin hair and makeup proudly. firstly, be ready to experiment yourself try out hair styles you never did!. without the fear of people judging you right and wrong because they are judging you already ( i will post a story related to this soon)

Step up to a great hairstyle recommended by hairstylist or according to your shape of face (i will write about it too).  Now , note that you are not going to copy for dream divas because they are human just like you and me so we are not copy cats I am going to share some amazing hairstyles , dressing and beauty tips to you .STAY TUNED!

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