What ‘THEY’ think?

Don’t you think what other thinks of you?? aahh… everyone does !even it is okay to think what ‘they’ think about you until unless ‘they’ stared bothering your life and particularly your happiness ! because that is what matters at the end of the day…If you are thinking they will judge you …excuse me but they are judging you already! there are many girls doing what they don’t wish for !11662679895_f0915fd3bd_b

so don’t care much about it. Here’s a story that will sort you why ‘not’ to bother yourself .

Once there was a happy couple they were travelling to a distant place with their donkey . They got to travel  some village to reach the destination. It was morning and sun had just shown itself  “honey, are you up with all the pack?” asked the man .”Oh yes i am almost ready to leave.. just packing our warm clothes”  replied the woman . They were ready and they left  for the long  journey they put the luggage on the donkey and walk . After sometime, ” listen, its hard to walk for me now can we rest anywhere ?” asked woman “but if we will rest we wont be able to reach on time …okay so you can sit on the donkey and i will walk ?” said man and she sat upon the donkey . As they donkey cannot handle  the weight of two of them the man chose to walk . As they were crossing the first village  they saw some women fetching water from the well , woman too saw them . ” are you thirsty Meera? “asked the man . ” oh yes , we can have some  water here ”  . They reached to the well ,all the woman saw them and wondered .  the man helped her wife to get out of the donkey . “Hello, we were travelling for a while and now we are thirsty can you give us your vessel to use and drink water? ” asked woman to another woman who was done fetching water just. ” oh, yes you may ..” Meera drank water and gave it to her husband. When the husband was drinking water the woman said to meera ” I can see that  you are very lucky your husband loves you so much but you should too care about him isn’t it? ”  said the woman . ” oh , i do care of him …”  said Meera she was wondering what exactly the woman so trying to say . ”  you were sitting on the donkey and your husband was walking …. i always care for my husband very well and so he does..i am just saying…i hope you are not hurt… ? ”  Hmmm..  no no.. am not ” said Meera puzzled a bit . After thanking them they both were leaving ” listen , i am okay now , you can sit in the donkey .”  said Meera when they were leaving from the village well . ” but, you just sat on it , why do you want me to..?”  asked man ” aah.. nothing just sit on it and i will walk,  i want to.”  As she wished, the man was riding and the woman was walking . After sometime. ” oh god noo! ” screamed Meera as she had unconsciously had mud on her feet . ” hahaha.. its okay, don’t worry , there is a pond you can wash your feet there ” they landed to a pond and Meera was washing her feet . ” hey brother !” said a man who was sitting near the pond with his two friends . ” hello brother” he responded with a familiar smile . they were childhood friends when Meera was washing her feet they were talking . “After lots of years man, i am happy to see you ”  said the husband looking at meera then turning towards the childhood friend . ” me too me too..!”  they hugged in happiness ” hey that is your wife right, how you could sit and let her walk ??” said they friend mockingly. ” hehehe..  how are you doing brother” they all talked and then soon back to the journey. This time , husband enforces his wife to sit. ” no… i don’t want to sit lets walk” said Meera troubling with the words that woman had said to her are the water place . The man agreed   . As they reached their destination it was late in the evening and the set for the marriage  was ready . It was all surrounded by the   family members preparing for tomorrow’s wedding . As they saw they welcomed them inside .It was happy greetings to them . the man in the greeting crew asked ” you had a donkey and you both were walking! ” said and laughed the man pretended to ignore and changed the topic well.

At the end they were in their room sitting . Meera had pain in her legs and her husband was upset about the family member who had mocked them.  Meera broke the silence and said ” I want to tell you something the time when we stopped at the well to drink water , a woman had said to me something i cannot take out of my mind and thus i choose to walk.” completed  Meera  as she become silent again . ” well… at the time when you where washing your feet , my friend too had said something, i am troubled with…”  said the man with hesitation , ” perhaps we are taking them too much seriously , we shouldn’t take them?”  said Meera befuddled , reaching to conclusion Raj said ” i guess , we must not be bothered by them, when we both were walking they judged when you were walking they judged , when i was walking  the judged again! We must stop thinking what they all said and better just be happy for tomorrow’s wedding ?”  ” hehehe.. oh yes , i guess we should , well… i am taking bath now…. will you join me?” asked Meera and giggled . Raj laughed34875973496_90721ddd55_b , they decided not to listen to the useless opinions and avoid unhappiness because it’s in our hand to choose happiness in our fortune. so get to the driving seat of your life . Be a proud woman !34389984552_aa1f72985d_b


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