Love weakens us..

I had many relationships and according to them, yes…love makes us weak.. surely love is incredibly important in our life and even some may think that life is just empty without love. I somehow agree but but but ! when you talk about love as an individual’s growth  it stops you to grow and take big decisions. when you want to go for a business trip and its his birthday , when you are getting promotion or your desired job and you have to leave the place, when your cousins want to have a get together, examples wont end…Love many time hurts and makes us distracted . Still, its important its the fixed source of happiness in our lives . Only if you can differentiate among them yes ‘differentiate’


love life now a days are not sympathetic with individuals growth we have dreams to chase and personality to build and yes definitely there are much more options for love there is a huge availability but we have to chose the right kind for us which could help us be a better person and initiate progress in our life so what i feel is  ”  ITS BETTER TO BE  CELIBATE THAN TO BE IN A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP ” .

There are generally three kinds of relationships i had categorized them




Every relation in the beginning seems very loving and cheesy . These are the kind in which love is always present and  generally seems happy and in love  all the PDA’s in the world comes under this kind and  thus , ends with conflict or very soon. These are neither hazardous nor developing . Basically they are time consuming and short period generally flick kind of relations.




These are hazardous relation which are  influential in nature . A relation in which you do not have your rights in control and   you may not be aware that  you have been blackmailed emotionally or criticized. This could held for emotions weak and it gave a serious impact   on decision making and even self confidence!

we all want to be a better person than who we are today who we were yesterday .This relationship  never helps you recognize who you should be. besides, it create self doubt and low esteem in submissive partner. If you are in this kind of relation RUN!





This is the dream relation we wanted still its about two people trying hard and never giving up on each other. This kind of love must stay away from ego and lies  as these are the major reasons for break ups now a days .Perfect love helps in development in persona and encourages individuals to keep their game up and help each other in personal growth.  yes they too have to face the various challenges in relation in lives it’s all about efforts you both makes on name of each others and yes if you think love is more important than the money and dream go for it!  otherwise life gives challenges every single day and miracles happens every single day! go and love to the end of the earth and remember to know that if you are not happy and feels as if its a toxic relation which isn’t fruitful  have guts to leave ! as I said ” IT IS BETTER TO BE CELIBATE THAN TO BE IN A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP”.



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