4 natural glowing clear skin treatments

I prefer natural THAN make up  treatments because makeup just hide your flaws or reduce it from chemicals or harmful products which may result in side effects or will definitely dull you skin in time. I will suggest you  some skin treatments that will help you for glowing skin and will reduce your scars instantly . These were the things my grandma taught me so come on let’s catch up !

1. Alovera


alovera is multipurpose plant. i use it directly by the plant you my have it from market and i will recommend  patanjali alovera gel because i think it is completely pure . So all you need to do is to apply alovera in night when you are about to sleep massage it for 5 minutes then go to sleep it will reduce you scars and will give you tight and glowing skin It also helps as anti aging treatment . you can do this thrice a week or everyday. It reduces scars and prevent from pimples.

2. Steam

Steam helps you in glowing skin instantly . I sometime  use it just before i am going out for party or anything to get the spark . This cleans your pores and let it breath smoothly steam clear your skin and yes use this in winter only that too for only five minutes during summer massage face from ice .

3. Water


Drinking two glass of water 3-4 times a day will give your body a slim shape and even skin tone , and will hydrate your body that’s an important factor as it reduces the dryness over the body .

4. Remove make up


After party or coming home in night its hard to remove make up but do note that skin breath in night when we sleep shin pores open up and inhale oxygen besides , if it absorb harmful makeup inside that will cause your skin dullness . So don’t forget to wash your make up with warm water before sleep.

5. Coconut oil

coconut oil is multipurpose we can use it on face and for body too as  moisturizing lotion it even  goddess for hair. For now you have to use it on your face and  your lips too. All you need to do is to take 3-4 drops of coconut oil mix it with 1 drop of alovera gel , then massage it for 5 min. and wash it you will feel your skin smooth  instantly .

5 thoughts on “4 natural glowing clear skin treatments

    1. take boil water till the boiling point let it stay there assure that vapor are visible place it on table safely put your face near the vapor and have it for 5 – 10 mins . You can also buy steamer
      thank you beautiful


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