NO scar and pimple (all natural)

A pimple can ruin your day your date and your face which is the most hateful of all. hey guys I am up now with easy and great ideas for skin remedies for pimple acne and scars. And yeah it could be claimed that THERE WILL BE NO SIDE EFFECTS. As I am suggesting everything natural easy to buy and easy to use there is no side effects of that respect if it is natural I can say it’s stated in Ayurved too. 

Tooth Paste


yes, your heard me right ,tooth paste . If you got a pimple and you have one night to remove it you’ve  got to use tooth paste . All you need to do is to take a drop or enough of the size of pimple an place toothpaste in your pimple area just leave it for the whole night . you will find the redness is enough gone that it could be covered or may be just a slightly to be visible . The size of the pigment will be reduced at amount and you will notice

Neem and turmeric 


For this you need to do is

  •  take enough amount of neem required to store it for 5-6 uses  and boil it for 1-2 mins. after boiling it, take it off and make a paste by mixing it.
  • take less than a pinch of turmeric here be careful with turmeric it sometimes fixes in the skin and might give you a yellow spot so be cautious with it

mix both of them well apply on your skin and leave it for 1-2 hrs to dry up then remove it gently with semi warm water and you are done . I used it and you cannot find any pigment in my skin its all used and experimented taken from Ayurved so no side effects check it on my face everything i recommend is tested on my skin before I tell you guys so yeah you are safe :*2017-12-03-15-48-20-026.jpg



I had recommended this plant or alovera gel several times because it really is the most trusted for me  and I just use it everywhere i could even on hair (I am going to write about it too) . So,  all you need to do is pull out the pulpy area of alovera if you have plant or you can buy it too. apply the gel at night just before sleep you could see visible result for acne and pimple if it strikes  you frequently .

Lemon and baking soda


for this all you need to do is two three drops of lemon add a pinch of baking soda to it it will create foam mix it well and apply it only on the pimple have it for 5-10 mins and then remove it you are done!

ask you questions if any. and share your views what you want to get from me or any recommendations and constructive criticism are accepted sportiness . Thanking you 


2 thoughts on “NO scar and pimple (all natural)

    1. apply alovera every night before sleep leave in night and wash it in morning , this will avoid further pimples and reduce scars too, apply neem paste thrice a week . I am going to write about clear skin face mask that will be super beneficial
      thank you


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