Naturally long and thick hair

Hey beauties, HAIR ,it’s been eras and eras for us to take care of our hair weather it’s 1860 or 2018 , then to now women are still cautious for hair and i believe in all these years we had learn to manage our hair but what if hair fall strikes? , dandruff? and the most miserable of all, damage or brokerage between hair! . Shampoo ,conditioner and serum could never be so harsh on our hair ,I believe it’s time to switch our self to all natural products . It wont give you any side effects but  yeah it will demand some time but I hope you could take some time free for your self love moment though, I can say that you will enjoy this time. What we need to understand is consistency, we have to be  continue  in our routine for hair . So let’s start 



I consider dandruff as an element causing low self , this is because it makes your confidence for showing up your hair very low and we then starts to avoid our own hair what could be more upsetting than that!

so let’s go for the treatment

  • take curd better if it’s sour in taste  , according to your scalp and 2 spoon more for hair ends , put 2 to 4 drops of lemon in it
  • mix it well and apply in your scalp , don’t massage or rub just softly apply this to your scalp and after that to the rest of the hair
  • leave it for 20 mins then wash your hair if you have oily scalp use semi warm water and if you have frizzy hair use  cold water.
  • here’s a point for lemon , lemon could be sometime harmful too if used in excessive amount it whitens the hair that could be bad so be cautions with it apply as less as you can
  • Curd be beneficial it nourishes the scalp soften you hair you will find IMMEDIATE results

The time I used this method for dandruff CONSISTENTLY  i no longer had problem of dandruff you can see in this picture





We all want soft hair it’s easy to manage and gives us a new level of confidence, so it’s an important factor let’s start with it

  • take alovera and honey according to your hair length .
  • mix them well and apply it to your complete hair do ignore the scalp area for 1 inch and cover the rest hair with the mixture .
  • apply it to the end and leave it for 20 to 30 mins. according to your hair type, if oily (oil appears in hair within 3 days after wash) leave for maximum 20 mins , if dry (oil doesn’t appears within 4-5 days or never appears after the wash )  let it be for 30 -40 mins . This method is harmless



Every single girl in this world wants thick hair but it’s not so easy to have it or manage it  because it requires maintenance . If you want to thicken your hair or suffering from hair loss, this is for you

  •   take ginger and onion according to your hair cut them in a piece  or take accurate  size
  • mash them in mixer and then abstract the juice one by one using your hand squeeze
  • apply the juice only in your scalp
  • after 30-40 mins remove it, it will smell disaster but i know you love your hair , don’t you? handle it for their sake . even it is miserable   for me too but the result are so much nicer you have to be consistent in these methods

I tried it on my self and you can see in that picture of mine above. It really worked on me

 I hope you like the article and will probably use it too ask me if anything troubles you and yeah do tell me if you have any problem regarding this respect or any other queries  about beauty do ask me am always there for any woman needing me , we all will put  each other up together 🙂 


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