My shopping from Romwe

heya beauties! Shopping is one of the things we  girls gets happiness from. So today I am going to share my latest shopping from romwe 

so for the first top , this have choker which is my best part , it’s grey colored which suits my complexion and yeah it’s so comfortable with affordable prize , you can see it’s comfortable the material is soft and easy to carry so this first one is my favorite




Now the next top is pure white will bell sleeves and I am a fan of bell sleeves though you can see why , it’s basically a simple top though white is a bright color and suits me well you can see,




My next dress  is a jump suit it’s trending in India and it fits me well . The black color is center of attraction when you have kind of hair skin so i love wearing black the cloth and material is soft and comfortable so that I could wear it on many occasions



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