So there are times we need to clean our skin naturally , It may be the SELF PAMPERING time or going for a party time , we need our face clean every day , because everyday we go out sometimes for work and some for hangouts and just that moment we came into the contact of dust, pollution and all the unhealthy stuffs We definitely need a cleanser  but what if you got this easily without letting chemicals to your face? Well, it would be perfect and yeah it’s easy to make and will cause no reactions only clean and beautiful spotless skin  so let’s begin with it .

  1.  take gram flour according to your face size and neck area
  2. add honey to it 2 drops
  3. add curd and rose water just enough so that it could be a paste
  4. mix it well apply it and leave it for 30-35 mins . This may take time to get dry
  5. when it is completely dry remove it with your hands , brush it a bit harder it will remove the dirt and oil stored in face  and when you are done with hands use warm water and remove the mask.
  6. apply aloe Vera gel to face and leave it for 5-10 mins


You’ll feel the result instantly and will find your skin smooth and fairer than that was before so do try this mask ask your questions , do comment your views (its important to see if I could make any improvement : ) ) share this to your best friend and whoever needs your help

you can see some of mine no makeup pictures too just to assure you . I use to apply it very often 3-4 times a week




thank you



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