DO’S and DON’T for hair

We often wonder about what  our hair that what they truly want I guess because hair cannot speak hehehe so we need to find out what it wants and what is necessary   sometime washing is the problem for hair fall , split ends and damaged hair it’s all about keeping your hair at right place so I got DO’s and DON’t’s  for your hair so that it could help you guys for perfect hair




In accordance to get perfect hair we need to take some precautions and must know about the damages we are going to make . I’ll surely wont suggest you stuffs you might not be aware about because we all know dust , pollution , wind , sunlight etc.. can harm our hair rest what we don’t know , I will tell you in this so continue reading this

  • don’t rub your hair after wash besides soak the wet hair by pressing towel to it and then let it be dry naturally, rubbing can cause hair brokerage and could ruin natural oil of hair
  • do not use sulfur based shampoo they are very harsh on scalp and hair
  • do not  use hair drier ever to your hair it makes your hair frizzy even drinking soda too  makes your hair frizzy soda is generally dissolved in cold drinks and alcohol so avoid excessive  soda drinks.
  • during b’days or celebrations stay  away from foam and sprays
  • don’t wash your hair with hot water it takes out the essential oil from your hair so this might be the reason for frizzy and it weakens hair it could cause hair fall too.
  • if you have split ends problem don’t sleep with open hair tie a bun through it





  • do apply oil before washing your hair it nourishes your hair I would advice for – olive oil , coconut oil and castor oil ( olive oil will thicken hair individually  , coconut for nourishment and castor oil for hair growth)  .
  • apply aloe Vera gel to your scalp at least once  a week
  • do apply hair mask I had suggested , they have there own merits hair masks
  • do use mild shampoo and apply conditioner
  • drink plenty of water I would say as much as you can go crazy drinking water it have only merits

thank you  everyone do ask me your doubts and share your views love yahh


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