FOR LONGER HAIR in 2 weeks

Hey beauties! I am up with a new amazing idea for fully furnished and long hair which will increase your hair length in 2 weeks so for this all you need to do is just few simple steps-


  • take 1 egg , split it and abstract the yellow part only .


  • take honey and  coconut oil equal proportionate  according to your hair ( if it touches your bra line use 1 spoon  if hair are longer  then 1 and a half spoon)


  • add two to three drops of lemon to the mixture
  • mix them well and apply it in your scalp completely

Egg is high in protein and protein helps in hair growth it will thicken and increase length of your hair it’s hell beneficial and yeah remember that egg have smell and we are using lemon just to avoid it . We may sometime lesser the effect of egg stink ,it’s hard to say it will completely go off but lemon is helpful .

If you have any questions do ask me share your views

thank you bellas

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