Remove BLACKHEADS naturally

Hey gorgeous! , I am up with new ideas for blackheads . Yeah they are irritating like some small dark black spots over your beautiful face . The most hateful thing about these blackheads are they chose to be in the most noticeable area of our face , because of this we cannot take chance for harsh uses that could make your nose red which will be horrible, so we have to treat them with care. This is the reason I chose to be  a girl with complete natural care , natural treatments may be slower than chemical but you cannot neglect the fact that they treat without any reactions and harmful effects which will be visible  after an age . So let’s start!



Brown sugar is natural scrub and honey will give moisture to the scrubbed area and will soften it . All you need to do is

  • take 1 spoon of brown sugar add 3/4  spoon of honey
  • mix them well them apply only on the blackheads area
  • gently massage the paste to your nose for 2 mins then wash it with comfortable  cold water



baking soda is marvelous in skin cleaning and lemon is good in removing dead skin cells , though these two are acid coconut will compensate their effect .

  • take 1 spoon of lemon juice , 1/2 spoon of baking soda
  • mix them well and then apply only on blackheads area
  • massage the paste for 2 mins then remove with comfortable  cold water

brown sugar and alovera


Brown sugar with aloe Vera is a smooth paste and scrub and even soft on skin

  • take 1 spoon of brown sugar add 1/2 spoon of aloe vera gel  to it
  • mix then well and keep massaging it for 2 mins then remove it from comfortable cold water

Do share your views and comment your opinions freely even critics are respected

thank you hermoso ( beautiful in Spanish ).


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