Cleanser Scrubber Moisturizer Naturally

Hey gorgeous , yup you heard that right cleanser scrubber and moisturizer naturally all together , you just need some basics items  and you will find difference in your appearance. The best thing about these three is that its super fast and will help in even skin toning and enhancing complexion, removing dirt oil and  you can sue it by yourself quickly ! so let’s start now!


so for cleaning your face you’ve got to do this process in three stages

  1.  Gram flour mask
  2. sandal mask
  3. steam

cleansing require some time because its essential part you may use this cleansing techniques for normal days routine highly beneficial if you will use it 2 times a week let’s begin now

gram flour mask 


  • take 1 spoon gram flour add 1/2 spoon milk 1/2 pinch turmeric ( make sure not to use turmeric much you will look yellow otherwise be cautious with it )
  • mix them together and make a paste , if more liquid is require then feel free to add more milk to it
  •  apply this paste let it dry for 20 mins then wash it

your done with is one now , moving towards my favorite one the sandal mask this you can use in normal days too , for instant enhancement .

sandal mask 


  • take 1/2 spoon of sandal  powder, 1/2 spoon of  fuller’s earth ( multani mitti ) add 1/2 spoon of fresh curd ( you can add milk if curd is not available )
  • mix it and make paste, apply it and leave it for 15 mins.


  • either use a steamer otherwise boil  water in a utensil and put your face near cover your head with towel
  • let your face dry and pat with towel gently

now, you are done by the first process , so let’s start with second one



While scrubbing we must remember that we have to be gently with our face and not to create rashes or hurt our face it’s softer than other skin in body so here we will be cautious .

  • take half lemon and a spoon honey
  • put the half lemon with its pulpy side on honey and directly apply it to your face rub it for 1 to 2 mins
  • then wash it with cold water



For this he best moisturizer I consider is honey with rice flour

  • take 1 spoon of rice flour mix it with 1/2 spoon of honey
  • apply the paste and massage it for 2-3 mins and then wash it with  warm water .

And you are done here i can bet you will feel the change in your complexion and yes do recommend this to your friends if have any suggestions mention it



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