Well , when it comes to emotions, even at the age of 80 they could be messing with your life. We are often not sure about what we feel neither it is important to be an expert psychologist  in your daily life and experimenting on your emotions.Well i found an easy way, generally we struggle with emotions at times we think its love but again the doubt arises . Well but if there is doubt it just couldn’t be love, love doesn’t accept doubt,either it exists or it doesn’t .

Love is a strong feeling , yesterday i was on the park, just like the normal city park crowed covered with lots and lots of people with their loud conversations  their was a family , happy and content a father, holding the child of 2-3 years age sitting in a sheet of cloth  with some iron man toys  artificial baby-guns with bubbles pouring out ,messing with every toy he has at the same time, cuddling with his mother who was making sandwiches and arranging water bottles . Just two hands away there was an old man sitting in bench very much occupied in his book about healthy heart , looking like a person who needs to have one , grim faced ,perhaps alone , with having the wifi  in his forehead , tensed , may be he wasn’t reading the book may be he was thinking about something he can’t get out of with, may be this is the reason why he is here alone anyway i didn’t see his eyeball moving just concentrating in one point somewhere in book till the child decided to took a keen interest in him, mother was still arranging and father was in a phone call , just then he escaped , went near the old man’s leg assuming it to be more interesting than his marvel toys and soon he was playing with his laces, as the old man got disturbed he tried to gently push the baby way back with parents but failed and baby started smiling without knowing his intentions of putting him away baby grabs his hand and tried to put it in his mouth. The old man was firstly irritated but now the gentle smile make his wifi disappear, he looked at the parents and mother smiled that was an approval for holding the charming baby , and so he did , indeed his grim was gone like it never existed before and the old man was smiling like an alter ego of the baby, the baby got more indulged with his specs and was trying to put it into his mouth perhaps he do this with everything he found , the old man was happy seeing the baby play with spec and was cautions too with the spec . He placed his spec in his pocket and started making funny faces which make the baby laugh , the old man was very happy by making the baby laugh so he carried on with the faces which were really funny and the laugh of the chid got the attention of few people around there including his father whose call was done and wasn’t kind like mother to give the baby to random old guy, he stepped up and opened the hand for the baby ,the old man was now expressionless , he hold the baby to his it to the father but baby didn’t agree t it he wanted to play with the old man with funny faces, then he protested with  his father with the best sword he could have, tears, father wasn’t in mood to get convinced and took the baby . The father went back and sat again but the baby didn’t stopped he still opened his arms with tearful face towards the old man who was back with his tensed face with even more wrinkle in forehead,  perhaps the father took of the joy he had in several days , he got up hold his book turn and get out of the park may be he didn’t wanted to see the baby cry , the baby who made him laugh may be for a short while .but the baby was still crying …

The short emotional relationship between a the baby and the old man couldn’t be named but it was there broken but was there sad but was there happy at time and distant at another but anyway was there…no one could name that relation… we do not posses such powerful vocabulary of feelings which could change human heart from cold to warm neither can science do that nor can language but only a heart full of empathy towards life…14325348277_bdd9978e36_b

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