From ancient times to this era..from Draupadi to the independent woman of century…women are a thing to suppress…just the situation is different now…still we suffer accross the world we still do not have equal pay because we will get pregnant and have a span of income for free because we got to choose between our career and personal life…still we face inequality, still our tranquility is shaken at sensitive roads to take…but now…I believe challenges are different they are now not for empowerment but for aggrandisement..

We are women

We are respected as legends

And at the same time raped

We are worshipped as goddess

And at the same time buried as infant

We are sexualised at the age of 4

Didn’t get sexual rights then therefore

Thighs cleavage are not supposed to be shown

B’coz we could be risking IT

We may get molested humiliated and many more

But that’s okay coz we are exposing it all..

We reached the moon but not the mentality

We are human we shouldn’t be judged by our sexuality…



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