This  is a  recent picture of a doctor who dared to do his job in a Muslim dominant area.


We call ourselves liberals..
The educated the known
The power the protector
From injustice and discrimination
Or it’s just the procrastination of reality?
What’s happening with the helpers
Is the highest level of injustice
We must get into our nerves
To end this “throw stone ” practice
First the soldiers then the doctors
Till when we’ll stop considering
The crime as children’s flaws?
When will the time come for us
To accept what we have done?
What we have tolerated
What we had invited because of this tolerance?
i ask you, what is the definition of secularism for you if all religion and values are equal ,then why  can’t we speak against this social injustice done by a single community?
why this is a tradition that we speak about truth and justice and change our criticism time to time? that is hypocrisy. If we are truly the liberate we say we are then oppose what is wrong without being biased!
It’s time , for us to be actual liberals, to criticize what we feel is wrong..we are the only educated people this nation will look forward to..we are the youths the power to create future is gifted to us…power to Unite this nation and tie it with the unbreakable bond of patriotism, love towards our nation…it’s time for us to speak against injustice..

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