We have flaws, everyone is imperfect or we can say perfection is a myth! We hide in our insecurities because we don’t want world to see it because we don’t like it we are ashamed to show certain aspects of ourselves to the world may be because we are not that confident or we might sometimes just hate some features in ourselves. For me, it was my biggest insecurity if someone notices my pimples. Yes, i had them it wasn’t that bad but noticeable enough to embarrass me. I was in my teen a confident person but it was my late high school years when i started getting pimples and everybody started noticing it, i mean its right on the face! at first i was scattered i considered myself beautiful and the new fact that now i have scars made me conscious about how i look. I started being shy when i went to collage my whole effort was how to hide them, make up skin care everything i tried but nothing was permanent. Devastated as i was nothing was helping me and subconsciously i grew more and more silent and isolated. when in my 19 and 20 my cheeks were full with them and there was nothing i could do no med worked no aloe Vera or any other natural recipes were effective and it couldn’t get better.

Then at a low point in my life I looked at other women, who had clear skin but still were into problems there is a pattern i recognized, no matter what we do how hard we try happiness won’t come with efforts, it comes with acceptance of what we have! i wasn’t alone my best friend had problem accepting her healthy body type, just like me she too grew camera conscious and just like me she too was hating herself for something she cannot control. It was her i noticed when i realized how unfair she is to herself how much i love her and how much she looks at herself with rejection! how can i tell her that what she thinks is not important because she is a lovely person with or without a skinny body how can i convince her to stop running towards perfection because it only exists in our HEAD. But, hey! i was there too, i too was hating myself i too was running for perfection and i too wasn’t able to control what my body/skin is. So why only her i should too own myself. i have people who loves me my friends my family then i started looking at the world quite differently, i can see everyone is running towards their definition of perfection. How silly was it?

Why do we have to hate our pimples, curves, stretch marks, moles, scars and all the type of imperfection in our body when there are people who love us despite of our hatred for ourselves aren’t we silly to do so? how can we ignore the fact that those who love us because we are beautiful are not real friends how can we ignore that fact that no matter how perfect i get that won’t assure how much love i get. Stressing about things we cannot control. That was the time i stopped wearing makeup let everyone think what they want, its okay if i do not fit today’s beauty standards its alright if they thing am not perfect its fine for people to judge me or well, even to dislike me because i am sure that i am pretty inside out and without make up just the way god made me. Well, let’s face it, someday we will get old and all this we have will die out, so why not enjoy the time till we can walk, run, dance and what not! why to worry over things we cannot control why not just have fun with friends and stop thinking about perfections and standards social media show us? this gave me self acceptance, letting go gave me meaning of what it is called self love with imperfections. Now i can say DON’T HATE…APPRECIATE.


So? you THINK you love your MOTHER?

We think we are kind good-natured ,moralistic we regard ourselves as we are just and call ourselves as mature and understanding then why can’t we understand this that a woman is publicly targeted by a particular party and industry we are not discouraging their acts, if they get away with this they will be empowered to do so with many of us know.

Ages ago, a woman laughed and people blamed her for Mahabharat, now a bit more advanced version a woman spoke and people tried to harassed her in various ways, insulted her abused her and boycotted her because they did not agree what she proposed so the grouped against her. The method is different but intentions are same, cannot bear a woman leading.

Racist don’t say they are racist, they get up and do racist things, similarly patriarchy never tell they preform, and when they perform they give excuses, distract the case and provide egoistic reasons for their actions. We need to understand this, the truth behind the targeted victim is her gender, a politician in north spoke about rape as boys are boys its okay if they played ,like that, they got away with the kind of act punishable for death and women are now harassed for just expressing her views on various subjects. Even if you disagree, even if you think her idea is stupid or you think she shouldn’t interfere so much and if she is suppressed to opinion herself we must stand against this suppression! yes! we might disagree with her but its our moral duty that anyone or any woman if she wishes to speak must have that right to access.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy banished sati pratha during the time of Akbar, but still women are being burned either by words or by acids, nothing changed the thought still exists that some men and even women cannot bear another woman in lead. such a shame in this century that we face lack of right to speak for women till this date, when the next time someone insult a woman even if you don’t know her stop the public humiliation and I wish that never happen to any woman.



This  is a  recent picture of a doctor who dared to do his job in a Muslim dominant area.


We call ourselves liberals..
The educated the known
The power the protector
From injustice and discrimination
Or it’s just the procrastination of reality?
What’s happening with the helpers
Is the highest level of injustice
We must get into our nerves
To end this “throw stone ” practice
First the soldiers then the doctors
Till when we’ll stop considering
The crime as children’s flaws?
When will the time come for us
To accept what we have done?
What we have tolerated
What we had invited because of this tolerance?
i ask you, what is the definition of secularism for you if all religion and values are equal ,then why  can’t we speak against this social injustice done by a single community?
why this is a tradition that we speak about truth and justice and change our criticism time to time? that is hypocrisy. If we are truly the liberate we say we are then oppose what is wrong without being biased!
It’s time , for us to be actual liberals, to criticize what we feel is wrong..we are the only educated people this nation will look forward to..we are the youths the power to create future is gifted to us…power to Unite this nation and tie it with the unbreakable bond of patriotism, love towards our nation…it’s time for us to speak against injustice..


Well , when it comes to emotions, even at the age of 80 they could be messing with your life. We are often not sure about what we feel neither it is important to be an expert psychologist  in your daily life and experimenting on your emotions.Well i found an easy way, generally we struggle with emotions at times we think its love but again the doubt arises . Well but if there is doubt it just couldn’t be love, love doesn’t accept doubt,either it exists or it doesn’t .

Love is a strong feeling , yesterday i was on the park, just like the normal city park crowed covered with lots and lots of people with their loud conversations  their was a family , happy and content a father, holding the child of 2-3 years age sitting in a sheet of cloth  with some iron man toys  artificial baby-guns with bubbles pouring out ,messing with every toy he has at the same time, cuddling with his mother who was making sandwiches and arranging water bottles . Just two hands away there was an old man sitting in bench very much occupied in his book about healthy heart , looking like a person who needs to have one , grim faced ,perhaps alone , with having the wifi  in his forehead , tensed , may be he wasn’t reading the book may be he was thinking about something he can’t get out of with, may be this is the reason why he is here alone anyway i didn’t see his eyeball moving just concentrating in one point somewhere in book till the child decided to took a keen interest in him, mother was still arranging and father was in a phone call , just then he escaped , went near the old man’s leg assuming it to be more interesting than his marvel toys and soon he was playing with his laces, as the old man got disturbed he tried to gently push the baby way back with parents but failed and baby started smiling without knowing his intentions of putting him away baby grabs his hand and tried to put it in his mouth. The old man was firstly irritated but now the gentle smile make his wifi disappear, he looked at the parents and mother smiled that was an approval for holding the charming baby , and so he did , indeed his grim was gone like it never existed before and the old man was smiling like an alter ego of the baby, the baby got more indulged with his specs and was trying to put it into his mouth perhaps he do this with everything he found , the old man was happy seeing the baby play with spec and was cautions too with the spec . He placed his spec in his pocket and started making funny faces which make the baby laugh , the old man was very happy by making the baby laugh so he carried on with the faces which were really funny and the laugh of the chid got the attention of few people around there including his father whose call was done and wasn’t kind like mother to give the baby to random old guy, he stepped up and opened the hand for the baby ,the old man was now expressionless , he hold the baby to his it to the father but baby didn’t agree t it he wanted to play with the old man with funny faces, then he protested with  his father with the best sword he could have, tears, father wasn’t in mood to get convinced and took the baby . The father went back and sat again but the baby didn’t stopped he still opened his arms with tearful face towards the old man who was back with his tensed face with even more wrinkle in forehead,  perhaps the father took of the joy he had in several days , he got up hold his book turn and get out of the park may be he didn’t wanted to see the baby cry , the baby who made him laugh may be for a short while .but the baby was still crying …

The short emotional relationship between a the baby and the old man couldn’t be named but it was there broken but was there sad but was there happy at time and distant at another but anyway was there…no one could name that relation… we do not posses such powerful vocabulary of feelings which could change human heart from cold to warm neither can science do that nor can language but only a heart full of empathy towards life…14325348277_bdd9978e36_b

Cleanser Scrubber Moisturizer Naturally

Hey gorgeous , yup you heard that right cleanser scrubber and moisturizer naturally all together , you just need some basics items  and you will find difference in your appearance. The best thing about these three is that its super fast and will help in even skin toning and enhancing complexion, removing dirt oil and  you can sue it by yourself quickly ! so let’s start now!


so for cleaning your face you’ve got to do this process in three stages

  1.  Gram flour mask
  2. sandal mask
  3. steam

cleansing require some time because its essential part you may use this cleansing techniques for normal days routine highly beneficial if you will use it 2 times a week let’s begin now

gram flour mask 


  • take 1 spoon gram flour add 1/2 spoon milk 1/2 pinch turmeric ( make sure not to use turmeric much you will look yellow otherwise be cautious with it )
  • mix them together and make a paste , if more liquid is require then feel free to add more milk to it
  •  apply this paste let it dry for 20 mins then wash it

your done with is one now , moving towards my favorite one the sandal mask this you can use in normal days too , for instant enhancement .

sandal mask 


  • take 1/2 spoon of sandal  powder, 1/2 spoon of  fuller’s earth ( multani mitti ) add 1/2 spoon of fresh curd ( you can add milk if curd is not available )
  • mix it and make paste, apply it and leave it for 15 mins.


  • either use a steamer otherwise boil  water in a utensil and put your face near cover your head with towel
  • let your face dry and pat with towel gently

now, you are done by the first process , so let’s start with second one



While scrubbing we must remember that we have to be gently with our face and not to create rashes or hurt our face it’s softer than other skin in body so here we will be cautious .

  • take half lemon and a spoon honey
  • put the half lemon with its pulpy side on honey and directly apply it to your face rub it for 1 to 2 mins
  • then wash it with cold water



For this he best moisturizer I consider is honey with rice flour

  • take 1 spoon of rice flour mix it with 1/2 spoon of honey
  • apply the paste and massage it for 2-3 mins and then wash it with  warm water .

And you are done here i can bet you will feel the change in your complexion and yes do recommend this to your friends if have any suggestions mention it



Remove BLACKHEADS naturally

Hey gorgeous! , I am up with new ideas for blackheads . Yeah they are irritating like some small dark black spots over your beautiful face . The most hateful thing about these blackheads are they chose to be in the most noticeable area of our face , because of this we cannot take chance for harsh uses that could make your nose red which will be horrible, so we have to treat them with care. This is the reason I chose to be  a girl with complete natural care , natural treatments may be slower than chemical but you cannot neglect the fact that they treat without any reactions and harmful effects which will be visible  after an age . So let’s start!



Brown sugar is natural scrub and honey will give moisture to the scrubbed area and will soften it . All you need to do is

  • take 1 spoon of brown sugar add 3/4  spoon of honey
  • mix them well them apply only on the blackheads area
  • gently massage the paste to your nose for 2 mins then wash it with comfortable  cold water



baking soda is marvelous in skin cleaning and lemon is good in removing dead skin cells , though these two are acid coconut will compensate their effect .

  • take 1 spoon of lemon juice , 1/2 spoon of baking soda
  • mix them well and then apply only on blackheads area
  • massage the paste for 2 mins then remove with comfortable  cold water

brown sugar and alovera


Brown sugar with aloe Vera is a smooth paste and scrub and even soft on skin

  • take 1 spoon of brown sugar add 1/2 spoon of aloe vera gel  to it
  • mix then well and keep massaging it for 2 mins then remove it from comfortable cold water

Do share your views and comment your opinions freely even critics are respected

thank you hermoso ( beautiful in Spanish ).


FOR LONGER HAIR in 2 weeks

Hey beauties! I am up with a new amazing idea for fully furnished and long hair which will increase your hair length in 2 weeks so for this all you need to do is just few simple steps-


  • take 1 egg , split it and abstract the yellow part only .


  • take honey and  coconut oil equal proportionate  according to your hair ( if it touches your bra line use 1 spoon  if hair are longer  then 1 and a half spoon)


  • add two to three drops of lemon to the mixture
  • mix them well and apply it in your scalp completely

Egg is high in protein and protein helps in hair growth it will thicken and increase length of your hair it’s hell beneficial and yeah remember that egg have smell and we are using lemon just to avoid it . We may sometime lesser the effect of egg stink ,it’s hard to say it will completely go off but lemon is helpful .

If you have any questions do ask me share your views

thank you bellas

DO’S and DON’T for hair

We often wonder about what  our hair that what they truly want I guess because hair cannot speak hehehe so we need to find out what it wants and what is necessary   sometime washing is the problem for hair fall , split ends and damaged hair it’s all about keeping your hair at right place so I got DO’s and DON’t’s  for your hair so that it could help you guys for perfect hair




In accordance to get perfect hair we need to take some precautions and must know about the damages we are going to make . I’ll surely wont suggest you stuffs you might not be aware about because we all know dust , pollution , wind , sunlight etc.. can harm our hair rest what we don’t know , I will tell you in this so continue reading this

  • don’t rub your hair after wash besides soak the wet hair by pressing towel to it and then let it be dry naturally, rubbing can cause hair brokerage and could ruin natural oil of hair
  • do not use sulfur based shampoo they are very harsh on scalp and hair
  • do not  use hair drier ever to your hair it makes your hair frizzy even drinking soda too  makes your hair frizzy soda is generally dissolved in cold drinks and alcohol so avoid excessive  soda drinks.
  • during b’days or celebrations stay  away from foam and sprays
  • don’t wash your hair with hot water it takes out the essential oil from your hair so this might be the reason for frizzy and it weakens hair it could cause hair fall too.
  • if you have split ends problem don’t sleep with open hair tie a bun through it





  • do apply oil before washing your hair it nourishes your hair I would advice for – olive oil , coconut oil and castor oil ( olive oil will thicken hair individually  , coconut for nourishment and castor oil for hair growth)  .
  • apply aloe Vera gel to your scalp at least once  a week
  • do apply hair mask I had suggested , they have there own merits hair masks
  • do use mild shampoo and apply conditioner
  • drink plenty of water I would say as much as you can go crazy drinking water it have only merits

thank you  everyone do ask me your doubts and share your views love yahh



So there are times we need to clean our skin naturally , It may be the SELF PAMPERING time or going for a party time , we need our face clean every day , because everyday we go out sometimes for work and some for hangouts and just that moment we came into the contact of dust, pollution and all the unhealthy stuffs We definitely need a cleanser  but what if you got this easily without letting chemicals to your face? Well, it would be perfect and yeah it’s easy to make and will cause no reactions only clean and beautiful spotless skin  so let’s begin with it .

  1.  take gram flour according to your face size and neck area
  2. add honey to it 2 drops
  3. add curd and rose water just enough so that it could be a paste
  4. mix it well apply it and leave it for 30-35 mins . This may take time to get dry
  5. when it is completely dry remove it with your hands , brush it a bit harder it will remove the dirt and oil stored in face  and when you are done with hands use warm water and remove the mask.
  6. apply aloe Vera gel to face and leave it for 5-10 mins


You’ll feel the result instantly and will find your skin smooth and fairer than that was before so do try this mask ask your questions , do comment your views (its important to see if I could make any improvement : ) ) share this to your best friend and whoever needs your help

you can see some of mine no makeup pictures too just to assure you . I use to apply it very often 3-4 times a week




thank you


My shopping from Romwe

heya beauties! Shopping is one of the things we  girls gets happiness from. So today I am going to share my latest shopping from romwe 

so for the first top , this have choker which is my best part , it’s grey colored which suits my complexion and yeah it’s so comfortable with affordable prize , you can see it’s comfortable the material is soft and easy to carry so this first one is my favorite




Now the next top is pure white will bell sleeves and I am a fan of bell sleeves though you can see why , it’s basically a simple top though white is a bright color and suits me well you can see,




My next dress  is a jump suit it’s trending in India and it fits me well . The black color is center of attraction when you have kind of hair skin so i love wearing black the cloth and material is soft and comfortable so that I could wear it on many occasions